Network Security Analyst out of Texas. This is just another nerdpress about Networking, Security, Linux, Exploits, Malware, Traffic Analysis, Forensics, WiFi, and guns.

For now it’s mostly guides and how-to’s I’ve created out of boredom, and other pages or links I can never seem to find when I need. I realize you can find most of this stuff elsewhere on the internet, but I’m putting everything in one spot. I try to make the How-To’s as detailed and as easy to follow as possible so anyone can do it. I also try to post solutions that I run across instead of forum posts filled with people complaining about how they all have the same problem, yet no one has a solution.

[Update] I’ve been slacking adding content recently, I’ve got some good stuff coming up I swear.

Thoughts, ideas, hate mail, corrections to articles? Send it on over.


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